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Finding The Best Apartments

July 13th, 2012 11:08 am

New York or the “city that never sleeps” is today one of the major epicenters for education and business. A survey by the US Census Bureau in the year 1999 had revealed that about 40 percent of the city’s 7.4 million residents are immigrants. However, with so much competition, the city is feeling a serious space crunch but, finding a place to stay in is not that hard. While you must be thinking that you can search out the real estate agents from the Internet easily, but, clicking on all the websites of every real estate agent is time consuming and confusing. Therefore, the shortest and the most effective way to search out a suitable NY apartment is to contact a real estate service management company. The main function of these agents is basically to act as a liaison between the realtors and you (the buyers). Property service management is the amalgamation of the systems, processes, and manpower required to manage a real estate business whether an acquisition, accountability, control, utilization, maintenance, responsibility, and disposition. In short, the roles of a service management company can be summed up as under:

1. As mentioned earlier it acts as a bridge between the sellers and lenders of NY apartments and the buyers who are willing to make a deal with those. Basically the agents are representative of the buyers to sellers and vice versa.

2. The duties of such a service management company is to accept rent, responding and to the maintenance and repair issues.

3. Such agents also provide a buffer for those landlords who stay far away from the tenant’s constituency.

4. One major role of the service management company is to control the accounts and the finances, calculate the rents and negotiating the prices.

5. They also participate or initiate litigation with the tenants, owners, insurance agencies and contractors. Although these agents hire an experienced attorney, s/he sometimes even works under a service management agent.

6. A property manager service provider in New York is generally well versed with the country, municipal, and state laws related to buying, renting or leasing NY apartments. Therefore, they are able to effectively deal with evictions, non-payments, dealing with nuisance, and harassment.

As today there are loads of things to manage in buying or renting a property, a reputed service provider these days is aided by Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM). You can contact a realty service management company for buying or renting a wide range of NY apartments. One such service provider is Metro-Homes Properties.

Tenant Screening Services

June 19th, 2012 1:04 pm

Before the advent of the internet and the wide spread availability of information, landlords and property managers were at a distinct disadvantage when it came to screening potential tenants. The large majority heavily relied on a tenants credit score and cursory background checks to provide enough information in order to make an informed decision as to whether or not they should rent to them.

While these methods of background screening were great for weeding out tenants with financial problems or those likely to make late payments, many others with criminal records or past evictions un-related to financials easily slipped under the radar. Much of the time these tenants would be the ones to cause major problems for landlords and property owners. Thankfully, today there are much more effective methods to thoroughly screen potential tenants.

Large real estate companies have access to enterprise edition tenant screening services or hire outside firms to conduct a large volume of tenant screening checks. While this works well for the big guys, many landlords and property owners do not have access to these expensive resources. So how can the majority of property owners ensure they are renting to qualified tenants?
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The answer is online tenant screening services. Premium tenant screening services allow landlords and property owners to quickly and easily run their own criminal and eviction background checks on potential renters with complete confidence.

Properties are an extremely valuable asset. Below are some of the things the top tenant screening solutions provide.

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